The Fizzle and TDE Promotions Season

See the list of forthcoming concerts promoted by Fizzle and TDE Promotions in the images below. The two organisations work very closely together, and are effectively one organisation; Fizzle promotes at Centrala in the Digbeth area of Birmingham, while TDE Promotions promotes in the Hexagon Theatre at mac, the Eastside Jazz Club in Birmingham Conservatoire and occasionally other venues.

Please note that the collaboration with Club Integral at The Edge on January 28th has had to be postponed as a result of concerns about the pandemic. All other gigs should go ahead.

The first gig of the year, the launch of Steve Tromans’ Duos & Remixes album last night, was a great start to the season. Steve had set up a way of representing the approach of the album by booking a sextet, and creating five extended pieces in which ‘secret duos’ improvised together reacting to each other, and gradually to what the other members of the group were playing. The result was music with many beautiful moments and some fascinating textures. Credit goes to Steve for the idea and his own playing, but also to the other five improvising musicians: Piera Onacko on synthesizer, Sarah Farmer on violin, Sonia Granger on flutes, Si Paton on electric bas and Tymek Jozwiak on drums. They made the gig work so well.

You can access Steve’s new album on Bandcamp at

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