Fizzle: Live Gigs Return: Live Streams Continue

Great news! The live programme returns, details below. But before that Fizzle/TDE Promotions present the latest in its series of excellent recorded sessions on its YouTube channel. This video will be launched on Thursday 29th April at 8pm and can be accessed at

This recording is part of the series recorded at Sansom Studios, and has the excellent sound and visuals that we expect from recordings there, but in other respects it differs somewhat from the other videos Fizzle/TDE Promotions have made. It features Phonome, a quartet led by alto saxophonist Lee Griffiths with Charlotte Keeffe on trumpet, James Owston on double bass and Mark Sanders on drums, and the emphasis is on making a short film which includes shots of the musicians setting up, moving round the studio rather than just creating a gig in the studio. There are also some great close up shots of the musicians as they play. But this does not take away from the music, which in itself is splendidly innovative. Lee Griffiths is interested in the relationship between spoken word and improvised music, and the set features a number of rapid fire spoken word passages with an influence from the plays of Samuel Beckett as well as some excellent improvisation from the members of the quartet.

The video will remain on YouTube after Thursday, but do join us for the launch and share your reactions on the Comments page. It’s a great set. We will also be broadcasting on Thursday 13th May a storming set with Paul Dunmall, Neil Charles and Mark Sanders, details to come.

The live programme will restart on the afternoon of Sunday 23rd May at 2pm at Centrala with a double bill with the Chris Sharkey Mark Sanders duo ( guitar/electronics and drums) and an excellent quartet led by saxophonist Bruce Coates with Sarah Farmer on violin, Trevor Lines on double bass and Lee Allatson on drums.

The Sharkey Sanders duo is extremely powerful, and is a great way to restart the Fizzle programme; you can check out their music here. It should work really well in the Centrala venue in Digbeth, address Minerva Works, 158 Fazeley Street, Digbeth, Bham B5 5RT. Capacity has to be limited and we are expecting tickets to fly out, so we advise you to book early. You can do so here.

May 23rd is part of three dates at Centrala in the summer, for which we also advise early booking:

Sunday 20th June, 2pm Double bill with Charlotte Keeffe Quartet and Shirley Smart/James Arben Duo. Tickets available here.

Sunday 18th July, 2pm Bobhowler (Alicia Gardener-Trejo, Andy Woodhead and Tom Mills) + Mick Beck/Seth Bennett/Paul Hession. Tickets available here.

Fizzle’s promoting partner TDE Promotions will begin again in the lovely Hexagon Theatre at mac in the autumn. Details will follow.

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