The Video Of The Paul Dunmall Trio Premieres This Thursday 26th November

The Paul Dunmall Trio filmed session captures Paul Dunmall at his absolute best, improvising in a trio context with two excellent young players based in the West Midlands: bass player James Owston and drummer Tymoteusz Jozwiak.  The video will be broadcast this Thursday 26th November at 7.45th; the link is here.  The video will still be available after the launch.

I should declare an interest in that I set up this project knowing that Paul has recorded some excellent albums at Sansom Studios in the outskirts of Birmingham and Solihull.  For this session we took a step further, and filmed a whole session of about 55 minutes.  This has been funded by the collaboration between TDE Promotions and Fizzle. 

There are five tracks, all totally improvised; the first two tracks feature Paul on tenor saxophone, the third on alto saxophone, the fourth on the C-Melody saxophone and the final track on flute.  This provides quite a bit of sonic variety, but the overall impression of the music is of a trio totally at ease with one another and producing a wonderfully interactive set.  Both James and Tymoteusz are graduates of the jazz course and have taken to free improvisation with an impressive flexibility and it is clear that one feature of the Birmingham scene is how many young players have shown a willingness to engage with different styles of creative music and become good improvisers.  Paul has played a role in this by booking many of these players for gigs and recordings.    

Between each of the five tracks Paul talks briefly about music.  He talks of how he has played in various styles, but now wishes to concentrate on free playing; he talks of how he tries never to repeat himself in his solos, and how impressed he has been with the many young players in Birmingham and the West Midlands.  He also names his absolute favourite album, but you’ll have to watch the video to find out the answer! 

I know that Paul is very pleased with both the film and the recording.  Paul tends to be very modest about his own performances, but I know he has watched it straight through at least three times. That is definitely a recommendation.

So do watch the video on Thursday evening, and think about making a donation.  Here’s the link for the donation.  

One thought on “The Video Of The Paul Dunmall Trio Premieres This Thursday 26th November

  1. When I was in my 20s, jazz was not fashionable and music played everywhere at the time tended to be pop, rock or folksy type stuff. However my husband introduced me to jazz and over time it has been great to see how it has regained popularity and more and more young musicians have arrived on the jazz scene. Long may jazz continue.

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