Tampere Jazz Happening 2020: A Postscript

For technical reasons I was unable to access the final concert of the Tampere Jazz Festival (see previous review) by the Timo Lassy Band. This has now been rectified and I’m glad that I have been to hear this set as it is one of the strongest sets of the festival.

Timo Lassy was one of the founder members of the Five Corners Quintet that gained an international reputation for its dance floor friendly jazz; these days he is concentrating on his own projects with a greater focus on contemporary jazz. He has a strong muscular tone on the tenor saxophone and an ability to construct excellent coherent solos. At the Tampere Festival he was playing with a quartet of players who had appeared in various other groups at the festival: pianist Henri Mäntylä, bass player Antti Lötjönen and drummer Teppo Mäkynen. The group integrated well and produced a nicely swinging set. There was perhaps an over-reliance on the head + solos format, but both the compositions and the solos were strong, so no real complaints on that score.

You can access the set here until the end of Sunday 8th November. For the rest of the programme see https://tiketti.stream/en

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