The Fizzle and TDE Promotions Autumn Programme

This autumn the collaboration between Fizzle run by Andy Woodhead and TDE Promotions run by myself presents one of the best seasons of improvised music and free jazz ever seen in Birmingham.  There are 14 gigs taking in all kinds of experimental music: free jazz, electronics, improvisation to silent film, British and Swedish electro-acoustic music, a residency with the Archipelago group, solo and duo performances through to large ensembles.

The programme has been supported for the third time by an Arts Council England Project Grant and we are very grateful to them for this support.

The programme takes place in three main venues: the regular Fizzle programme takes place at the Lamp Tavern, a lovely intimate pub on the edge of the Digbeth area, and this season they will run on Tuesday evenings and Sunday afternoons, both on a monthly basis.  The TDE Promotions take place in the unique Hexagon Theatre at mac (Midlands Arts Centre, Cannon Hill Park) and also in the Eastside Jazz Club at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.  Other occasional events take place at the Artefact venue in Stirchley – the silent film improvisations – and in the BEAST studio at the Bramall Hall at the University of Birmingham for the electro-acoustic concert.

hannah marshallThe season begins on Tuesday 17th September at the Lamp Tavern with a Fizzle double bill featuring a duo between Andy Woodhead on piano and Hannah Marshall on cello and a quartet featuring four young improvisers: Filippo Radicchi, drums, David Sear, trombone, Alex Astbury, trumpet and bass and Lee Griffiths saxophone.

This is followed by a TDE Promotion on Thursday 1st October in the Hexagon Theatre at mac featuring a piano trio Punkt Vrt Plastik that features three of the most exciting players in Europe: drummer Christian Lillinger, pianist Kaja Draksler and double bass player Petter Eldh.  Tony Dudley-Evans heard the trio at Amsterdam’s Bimhuis venue a few years ago and believes that the trio is the most exciting piano trio anywhere in the world!!christian lillinger

The rest of the programme is:

Sunday 6th October  Lamp Tavern  Treppenwitz and Paul Dunmall Quartet with Phil Gibbs, James Owston and Jim Bashford

Thursday 10th October    Artefact   Silent film improvisations, a collaboration with Flatpack

Tuesday 15th October Lamp Tavern  Toby Delius, Olie Brice, Mark Sanders plus Piera Onacko,  Nathan England-Jones and Lee Griffiths

Thursday 31st October Eastside        Tim Berne residency playing with student groups and in duo  with Liam Noble

Sunday 3rd November Lamp Tavern Archipelago with guests, part of a short residency.

Friday 7th and Saturday 8th

November     BEAST Studio                Swedish and British electro-acoustic music

Tuesday 19th November Lamp          Yvonne Magda, Hannah Marshall, Tina Hitchens, Caitlin Callahan   +  Bruce Coates, Trevor Lines, Ed Gauden

Thursday 21st November Hexagon   Annie Whitehead and Rude 2.0 + Andy Woodhead solo electronics

Wednesday 27th November Eastside Paul Dunmall Quintet The Soultime Suite + Brass Section.

Thursday 5th December   Hexagon     Kit Downes Quartet + Steve Saunders’ Glitch

Sunday 8th December Lamp Tavern    Toshimaru Nakamura + Dave Birchall, Sam Andrae Otto Willburg  + a set by Birmingham Conservatoire students

Tuesday 10th December Hexagon       Raymond Macdonald Gunter ‘Baby’ Sommer Duo. Saxophones + Drums

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